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You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

…Ray Bradbury

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Name:dysfictional ; a fanfiction archive
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[community profile] dysfictional is an archive and community where [personal profile] corinthian, [personal profile] nekokoban and [personal profile] mistflames will post fanfiction.

JOIN to see any archived fanfiction as well as the rare occurrence of other locked content. But if that is just not your cup of tea, feel free to WATCH. We think it'd be supercool if you did. We also really love comments.

Easy navigation can be done via TAGS, done by fandom. You can also browse the two [ archive ] tags if you like taking a blast into the unfortunate writerly past.

Disclaimer stuff goes here: None of the fandoms are things that we own, we just dick around in them.

Also, AJ tends not to put ratings or warnings. So, there is the possibility that fanfiction AJ posts or has archived may contain Adult Situations such as non-consensual actions, violence, swearing or comma splices.

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